Coming up …

We established this blog in response to ‘Historians for Britain’ (see our opening statement) and to provide a forum for historians – and anyone with an interest in history – to join the debate about the uses and abuses of the past. The response to the initiative has largely been one of enthusiastic support. The view that the historian’s first loyalty is to history based on a fair use of evidence is widely shared. There are those who have taken exception, although this might be in the mistaken belief that we are pursuing a pro-EU agenda. We are not.

Over the next few weeks, we plan to publish a wide range of views, some of which we fully share and others we do not. We would therefore make the following standard disclaimer: the opinions expressed in the blogs we publish are those of the author(s) and not necessarily the editors of this blog.

Coming up on Monday we have a piece by history teacher Katherine Edwards on how ‘Historians for Britain’ feels like a re-run of an earlier attempt to introduce a prescriptive secondary school history curriculum. We hope it will inspire others to join the discussion.


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