We’re Back!

Historians for History has been away but we’re delighted to announce our return and to let you know that we’ll be relaunching with a series of guest-blogs on the uses and abuses of the past in nationalist and Europeanist discourse. We’d like to emphasise that while we of course have our own views on the relevance of the past to the integrity, or otherwise, of the European Union, our primary aim is to act as a forum for debate on the role and influence of history in 21st century politics and culture. Over the next few months we will be publishing pieces on the impact of the past on the formation of national and supranational identities and we warmly welcome contributions from anyone who feels they have something worthwhile to say about these issues.

The first of our new pieces – a highly insightful critique of contested understandings of imperialism by historian of South Asia Dr Markus Daechsel – will be published this coming Monday!

Edward Madigan   &   Graham Smith



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