Write for H4H

We hope to encourage evidence-based debate about the uses and abuses of history in forming national identity. In particular, the blog is about understanding the history of Britain’s relationships with Europe and the wider world. We very much welcome contributions, which should be sent to: historians4history@gmail.com.

One thought on “Write for H4H

  1. My dad was a B-17 squadron commander in the “Mighty 8th” Army Air Force stationed in Great Ashfield. Although he has long since passed, on occasion, he would indulge upon us some amazing dinner stories that one could only sit there mesmerized listening to. These were the heroes that saved us from ourselves and certain self destruction! He often remarked “if we do not bear witness to history we are most certainly doomed to repeat it…and I for one don’t want to do it again!” Thank goodness dad is not here to witness what is going on today…all his efforts seem to have been in vain.


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