Other Contributions

airraids‘Historians for Britain’ and their publicity:

David Abulafia: Britain: apart from or a part of Europe? History Today, 11th May 2015

Guy Bentley: Celebrity historians launch campaign for EU referendum and claim there is no “European Demos”. CityAM, Feb 26, 2015



 Responses to ‘Historians for Britain’

Emile Chabal & Stephan Malinowski, Can Britain be European? Beyond the “Historians for Britain” Manifesto, 22 June 2015

Der britische Historikerstreit, London Review of Books,

Adam Care: War of words as Cambridge historians clash over UK’s role in the EU, Cambridge News, 20 May 2015

Lucy Inglis: Beyond Guilt or Glory, History Today, 20th May 2015

Eirini Karamouzi: With Europe but not of it? British post-war foreign policy and EEC membership, History Matters, University of Sheffield, 19th May 2015

Peter Frankopan The Historians Are Revolting, The Huffington Post, 18th May 2015

Various: Fog in Channel, Historians Isolated:An open letter in response to the Historians for Britain campaign, History Today, 18th May 2015

The Renaissance Mathematicus: History or political propaganda?, 15 May 2015. (See also Rule Britannia: Britannia rules the sciences)

Fiona Whelan and Kieran Hazzard: Historians for Britain: The Betrayal of History and Historical Practice. The History Vault, 15 May 2015

Beware Eurosceptic versions of history and science. The Guardian, 15 May 2015

Charles West:, England: Apart From or a Part of Europe? An Early Medieval Perspective, History Matters, University of Sheffield, 14 May 2014

Charles West: England: apart from or a part of Europe? An early medieval perspective, 14 May 2015

Sean Lang: There is no dastardly EU plot to hijack the history curriculum, 2 March 2015


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